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Provost Marshal Course 

The aim of the course is to impart such knowledge and attitudes to students from Nordic and other countries so that he/she is able to perform as Provost Marshal, working in a Provost Marshal staff or perform as Legal Adviser in an international operation.

The course comprises the following subjects and orientations:

• Doctrine, Standing Operation Procedures/Standing Operation Instructions, Memorandum of Understanding etc., Legal Aspects, Rules of Engagement, Law of Armed Conflict, cooperation with International Committee of The Red Cross and other International Organizations/Non Governmental Organizations, Protection of civilians and Gender perspective in armed conflicts.
• Paradoxes and dilemmas in connection with National and International regulations and caveats in connections with e.g. Road Traffic Accidents, Death and Complain of harassment.
• Brigade/Battle Group Commanders expectations to his Provost Marshal and the Military Police unit in connection with e.g. Riots, detention of locals and daily duties etc. 
• International Criminal Court
• Briefings by:
• Provost Marshal SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe),
• Provost Marshal ARRC (Allied Rapid Reaction Corps) or similar,
• Experiences from a Provost Marshal in a mission area,
• Mentoring Local Police,
• Other relevant subjects.

All students should have travelers insurance, as they are not able to attend a Doctor at the barracks.

Contact: unmilpoc@fiin.dk

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