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The Royal Danish Navy

The Royal Danish Navy 

The Royal Danish Navy consists of the Naval Staff, a deployable command staff, three naval squadrons, a navy surveillance center, the Danish Naval School and two operational logistics support sites supporting the two naval bases in Frederikshavn and Korsoer. (See organisation further down).

The Naval Staff  is headed by the Chief of Naval Staff and is an integrated part of Defence Command Denmark. Headquarters are located at Karup Air Force Base in central Jutland.

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Squadrons contain the majority part of the fleet and are headquartered at the naval bases in Frederikshavn and Korsoer, respectively.

1st Squadron is primarily focused on national operations in and around the Faroe Islands and Greenland. 2nd Squadron is primarily dedicated to international operations and focused on combat operations. 3rd Squadron is primarily dedicated on nationale operations, maritime surveillance and enforcement of sovereignty and support to the civil society.

The vessels and crews that the Navy can deploy in international operations are primarily drawn from the 2nd Squadron, although units from the 1st and 3rd Squadron may also be deployed, and has been so in the past. 

1st Squadron
4 Multi-role frigates (THETIS class)
3 Arctic patrol ships (KNUD RASMUSSEN class)
1 The Royal Yacht (HDMS Dannebrog)  

2nd Squadron
3 Frigates (IVER HUITFELDT class)
2 Command and support ships (ABSALON class)
5 Patrol vessels (DIANA class)
Modular mine clearance assets under MCM Denmark

3rd Squadron
2 Environmental protection vessels (GUNNAR THORSON class)
2 Environmental protection vessels (METTE MILJØ class)
3 Environmental protection craft (MILJØ 101 class)
2 Training boats (HOLM class)
2 Hydrographical survey craft (HOLM class)
1 Support ship (HDMS Sleipner Class)
2 Sailing yachts (HDMS SVANEN and HDMS THYRA)
Danish Coastal Rescue Service

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