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The Royal Danish Defence College
Enhancing capabilities through education.

The Royal Defence College 

The Defence College is the Danish Armed Forces' joint centre for military studies and educations. Its contribution to defence operations is carried out by enhancement of the Armed Forces capabilities through education, research, and advisory support services.

The activities are predominantly focused on the Armed Forces. However, individual courses are also offered to civilians from outside the Forces.

The Defence College activities centers on the core military subjects i.e. Strategy and Military Operations, national and international Security & Defence policy, leadership excellence and military history.

The Defence E-learning Centre, the Institute for Pedagogy and the Defence Library are also part of the Defence College.

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E-mail: fak@fak.dk

Phone: +45 3915 1515

Postal Address:
The Danish Defence College
Ryvangs Allé 1
DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø.