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The Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation (DALO)

Acquisition and Logistics Organisation 

The Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation (DALO) is the specialised materiel centre and logistics authority of the Danish Armed Forces. DALO acquires, maintains and phases out materiel for all Armed Forces authorities - ranging from tanks, ships and jet fighters to boots and pocket knives.

DALO is subordinate to Defence Command Denmark and administers almost DKK 7 billion of Denmark's total defence budget. These resources are used to provide the best possible support, especially for the forces and operational units that are deployed internationally.

DALO among other things services

  • 13,500 vehicles
  • 65 ships
  • 145 aircraft
  • 69 materiel capacity centres
  • 700,000 item numbers

DALO all over Denmark
DALO has a staff totalling 2,400. The head of DALO and the five staffs are located in Ballerup just outside Copenhagen.
Furthermore, the Defence Maintenance Service and the Defence Supply Agency have workshops and depots all over the country.

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Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation
Lautrupbjerg 1-5
2750 Ballerup

Phone: +45 7257 5999
E-mail: FMT@mil.dk