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Royal Danish Air Force

The Royal Danish Air Force 

The Air Force is comprised of an Air Staff, 3 air wings stationed at three air bases, the Air Control Wing with Command & Control Facilities and radars, a Training Centre and an Expeditionary Air Staff. 

Fighter Wing Skrydstrup
Squadron 727 with F-16 Fighting Falcons.
Squadron 730 with F-16 Fighting Falcons.

Air Transport Wing Aalborg
Squadron 721 with Hercules C130J Transport Aircraft and Challenger CL-604 utility aircraft.

Helicopter Wing Karup
Squadron 722 with EH-101 Merlin Search & Rescue helicopters/Tactical Troop Transport helicopters
Squadron 723 with Lynx Naval Helicopters (currently being replaced by MH-60R Seahawk). 
Squadron 724 with Fennec Light Observation Helicopters AS550 C2.

Air Control Wing
Stationary and Transportable Long Range surveillance radars and Command & Control facilities.
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E-mail: fko@mil.dk

Phone: +45 7284 0300

Defence Command Denmark,
Air Staff
Herningvej 30
DK-7470 Karup J.