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Mission and Objectives 

Overall mission of the Armed Forces
"By being able to fight and win, we promote a peaceful and democratic development in the world and a secure society in Denmark."

This mission is our fundamental task and our raison d'être, to which we all make a contribution. All military personnel and civilians share the tasks, that soldiers, sailors and airmen must fight and win. Fighting and winning requires us to master many tasks and roles. We can win the battle, but we must also win "hearts and minds".

The Armed Forces promote peace. We cannot promote democracy in the world standing alone, but we can contribute to security and safety, as the basis for a more peaceful world.

The Armed Forces contribute to a safe society in Denmark through the national and international operations.

Objective of the Armed Forces
Danish law states the overall objectives of the Armed Forces as follows:

  • to prevent conflicts and war;
  • to assert Denmark's sovereignty and ensure its continued existence and integrity; and
  • to promote a peaceful development in the world, with respect for human rights.

The Armed Forces Act also describes the tasks of the Armed Forces. The Armed Forces will work together with the armed forces of other NATO nations and other allies to prevent conflicts and to manage crisis situations.

If hostile military forces violate Danish territory, the Armed Forces are to detect and repel them. Through cooperation within the defence area, the Armed Forces support confidence building and promote stability.

The tasks of the Armed Forces include conflict prevention, peacekeeping and other peace-supporting operations, as well as humanitarian operations.

It is the responsibility of the Defence Command that the Army, Navy and Air Force have capable, sustainable, deployable and flexible units. The Home Guard also contributes to these tasks.

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