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The vision of the Defence. 

  • We must excel in what we do.
  • The Armed Forces must serve Denmark as an appropriate and flexible military resource.
  • The Armed Forces must be a sought-after partner for strategic alliance and coalition partners.
  • The Armed Forces must be a visible and integral part of Denmark’s total defence.

The organisation:

  • Decisions to deploy resources must be made prudently and serve the overall interests of Denmark.
  • Must be an open, innovative and dynamic organisation.
  • Must go foremost in developing the public sector.
  • Must be an attractive workplace, able to attract, inspire, challenge and develop talented employees.
  • Accept its obligations as a workplace with a social responsibility for looking after its employees.

The workforce:

  • Employees must demonstrate initiative and responsibility, and generally act within the collective framework of the organisation.
  • Those entrusted with leadership responsibilities must demonstrate appropriate courage, be prepared to pioneer change, communicate clearly and create solutions.
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