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On alert to protect and assist.

National Role 

The Armed Forces are not only engaged in improving the daily lives of civilian populations beyond Denmark's borders. In Denmark too, the Armed Forces contribute to a well-functioning society.

Pollution prevention
The Armed Forces are responsible for preventing marine pollution, and for this task, the Navy has a number of vessels and equipment to combat oil spills, for example.

Oil spills
The Air Force has specially equipped aircraft that are used for surveillance of Danish territorial waters and that can spot even very small oil spills on the surface. The Air Force helicopters have equipment to take samples of the oil, so as to identify the source of the environmental pollution. The Armed Forces are even entitled to issue administrative fines to environmental polluters who are "caught in the act".

Winter Conditions
The ice service, which includes ice breaking, is coordinated through the Navy and its ice alert service which include ice accumulation warnings, and assistance to shipping in Danish waters during icy conditions. The ice breaking is carried out by commercial enterprises.
The Armed Forces make rescue vehicles available to the ambulance service if snowfall conditions make it difficult for normal ambulances to get through.

Police assistance
The Armed Forces assist the Danish Police in many ways: Helicopters for surveillance missions, missing person rescue operations, traffic control etc. Explosive Ordnance Disposal with bomb experts and equipment on high alert to support the Police with identifying and disposing of suspicious material or bombs. Furthermore, for High Level international meetings, the Armed Forces support with specially trained drivers for VIP safe transport.

Evacuation at sea
The Armed Forces' rescue helicopters are on constant alert for sea rescue operations in the event of maritime accidents. Also, the rescue helicopters are used to evacuate injured people from seagoing vessels, from isolated islands etc.  
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