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The Danish Flag called "Dannebrog" can be seen many places in the world.

International Roles 

The Armed Forces have a longstanding tradition for contributing to international military operations. Denmark has participated actively in UN peacekeeping operations since 1948. Thousands of Danish soldiers have since then served in trouble spots all over the world.

In the early 1990s, the developments in Europe led to the transformation of the Armed Forces. Since then, the Armed Forces have increased it's international posture  - involving Army, Navy and Air Force units - contributing to the Alliance's and coalition military goals, in the Balkans, in the Middle East, in the Mediterranean, in the Baltic Countries, in North Africa, of the coast of Africa and other areas. 

The Navy served in the first Gulf War with a corvette and has for a long time contributed to the on-going anti-piracy operations along the coast of Africa with frigates. 

The Army and the Air Force are currently deployed into war zones in Afghanistan and Iraq, contributing to the fight against terrorism.

The Army currently also deploy units to the Balkans, in Iraq and in Africa. The Navy deploys it's units into the Mediterranean Sea, the Persian Gulf, the Strait of Gibraltar and the Gulf of Aden, when they are called for. The Air Force has operated in the campaigns in Afghanistan, Libya and Iraq and other Places, and is currently operating in Iraq against terrorism.

Danish soldiers, sailors and airmen take part in the international fight against terrorism, and in Peace supporting operations under challenging conditions, far from Denmark's borders.

The Danish armed forces are currently deployed all over the world as part of an international engagement that will not be any less demanding in the years to come.
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